Your Newborn Photos Questions Answered!

July 25, 2022


Thanks so much for stopping by my page! If you’re here, chances are you’re looking to have questions answered about your newborn photos. While these sessions are fun and, of course, adorable, it is also important to be fully aware of what to expect and why. Below are the top four questions I’ve received from clients wanting newborn photos: 

1.     When is it safe to take portraits of my newborn?

2.     How long does a newborn portrait session last? 

3.     Can I bring several different outfit changes? 

4.     What should I expect from a newborn photography session

Let’s start with the most important question…

When is it safe to have portraits taken of your newborn?  

Research shows that taking photos when your newborn is 5 to 14 days old is best. Why? Your newborn will still be sleepy throughout the day and it is much easier to pose them at this time, too! Though, the time you choose to have portraits taken is completely up to you. 

Though the first couple of weeks are ideal, you should also take your mental and physical well-being into account. After having my son via an emergency c-section (he was required to stay in the NICU for three weeks) and dealing with recovery, I was personally too tired and mentally exhausted to have portraits taken. Looking back, I wish I had the photos done, but please note, everyone’s experience is different. Taking care of you and your baby is just as important. 

How long does a newborn portrait session last? 

Newborn sessions may last anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. Yes, this seems like a lengthy amount of time, but it is important to account for your newborn’s needs during the session. For example, your newborn may need to be fed, changed, or burped. Your newborn may spit up on themselves or on you. Short breaks are often required for a plethora of reasons, making the time frame necessary. 

Can I bring several different outfit changes? 

I would suggest no more than two outfit changes. Most parents prefer their newborns not have any clothing during the session, but it is equally understandable that many parents may not feel comfortable with this, too. 

Limiting the amount of outfit changes is important as too much movement may startle or agitate the newborn. Making sure your newborn is comfortable is important for safety and for the quality of your photos, too. 

What should I expect from a newborn photography session

Excellent question! And I feel the best way to answer requires two words: safety and comfort. Making sure your newborn is safe should be ANY photographers top priority. I am very communicative during my sessions, and will always let you know how I plan to move your newborn and why. It will also be requested that a parent or guardian be nearby as an extra set of hands. This helps both the newborn and parent feel comfortable. 

I do not promise clients the “Pinterest” type photos that have become ultra-popular on social media. Some of the photos require your newborn be put in positions that are not safe or natural. My style of photography is very natural with focus on your newborn’s movements and expressions. I also love to focus on the bond between you and your new bundle of joy. The more natural, the more authentic and beautiful your portraits will be. 

I hope this blog post helps answer some of the more common questions that come along with newborn photography! Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email at . I’d love to hear from you! 



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