Senior Photos // Downtown Naples and Naples Pier // Kaysie

A dream of a Senior photo session right here!

Okay, so back story time! The gorgeous girl you’re about to see all over this post is a former student and athlete I coached, so just know, this Senior session was super close to my heart. I’ve watched Kaysie blossom from a new freshman at a huge Naples, Florida high school to a confident and ready-to-take-on-the-world Senior. It’s insane how time flies! It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in my classroom talking about cheer practice. Fast forward a few years, and I’m now taking her Senior photos! Don’t blink people! It goes by THAT quickly.

When planning for her Senior photos, Kaysie knew she wanted to take her portraits on a Naples beach. The beach is “her place” so there was no question that we’d be up bright and early getting those epic Naples beach shots. We also talked about other spots that would be different. Kaysie wanted to make this session unique to her experience and personality going into her Senior year which made the planning process that much more fun!

We decided on meeting bright and early in a beautiful area of Downtown Naples. The pictures below are some of my favorites from our time there. Her outfit choices were spot on for the area and so much fun to capture and color grade when it was time to edit.

After spending some time in the downtown area….

we decided on moving the session over to beach. The area we were in was very close to the beach and we made it just in time to avoid Southwest Florida crowds. We were capturing her images right next to the Naples Pier, so getting there early was absolutely necessary as this is a local and tourist favorite. The weather was beautiful and the waves were perfect for photography!

These are just a few of my favorites, and let me tell you, I had a tough time picking a few to feature here because she looks stunning in ALL of them!

Bottom line…

we had so much fun during her session, and I know the fact that her and I are close made this session that much more fun. I went into this knowing how important Senior portraits are (they’re a right of passage for high schoolers) and I wanted to make sure I caught this fun moment in time for her and her family.

We wrapped up with a visit to Jane’s Cafe on 3rd for breakfast (which was also a short distance from where we were shooting on the beach).

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