Fort Myers Beach Engagement Session

October 25, 2023


Allison and Keith’s Engagement Session at Bowditch Point Park

A Dreamy Fort Myers Engagement Session at Bowditch Point Park

Engagement sessions are a celebration of love. Allison and Keith, two souls deeply in love, chose the picturesque Bowditch Point Park in Fort Myers as the backdrop for their Fort Myers Beach engagement session. As the golden sun dipped below the horizon, it painted the sky in hues of pink and orange, creating a romantic atmosphere that perfectly mirrored their love for one another.

Setting the Scene at Bowditch Point Park:

Bowditch Point Park, with its beautiful open waters and rocks by the shore, provided an ideal backdrop their engagement photoshoot. The gentle breeze was absolutely perfect for a photoshoot, and the beach looked great after it’s reopening from the damage caused by Hurricane Ian. Getting photos with different backdrops was no problem, as Bowditch Point Park has the openness of the ocean, giant rocks to compliment the beach, and small secluded part of the beach right next to the rocks, too!

The Couple:

Allison and Keith both dressed in outfits that complemented each other. They both exuded so much happiness during their engagement session. It was clear to see just how in love they both were. We asked them to pretend we were not there, and that’s exactly what they did! They both became lost in the moments resulting in natural and truly candid photos.

Capturing Intimate Moments:

We were so excited to capture such intimate moments between Allison and Keith. The way he looked at her, and they way they snuggled with one another was truly romantic to watch. Their laughter was so genuine and it was beautiful to watch them have such a great time in front of the camera. They were truly a picture perfect couple!

Natural Beauty and Romance:

The fading light of the sun created a soft, ethereal glow. As they walked hand in hand along the Fort Myers Beach, they shared so much laughter and genuine moments. Each photograph was a testament to the natural beauty of love, unfiltered and pure.

Allison and Keith’s dreamy Fort Myers Beach engagement session at Bowditch Point Park was not just a photoshoot; it was a celebration of love in its most genuine form. Against the backdrop of the setting sun and the vast ocean, they showcased the beauty of their union – a love that is deep, sincere, and everlasting. Through the lens of the camera, their story was immortalized, reminding all who witnessed it that true love is, indeed, a work of art.

Dreaming of your own Fort Myers Beach engagement session? We’d love to work with you and capture your love on camera! Contact us through our website here, or send us an email at info@zphotoandfilm.com


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